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Popular YouTube Porn Clones

YouTube is one of the biggest search engine websites in the world, its main competitor is Google. On YouTube, people search for all kinds of content – not only entertainment but also educational and informative. Youtube is a very convenient platform that offers a bunch of options for search, filtering, and liking content. It also does not require registration or payment for watching the videos.

As a result, there are porn clones of the famous website that appeared. There are only two of the most well-known and powerful resources, and both of them somewhat borrow the name of the main website. The first platform is YouPorn, and the second is Porn Tube OnaEgo. Pretty easy to find them and remember.


Elsa Jean – Biography

The majority of porn stars usually do not share facts about their childhood, family, and generally about their life if this is not about their work in the adult industry. This trend is understandable. While there is nothing wrong in being an adult performer since making and watching porn is not forbidden in the majority of civilized countries, some people are really very judgemental about these types of profession.

As a result, the performers, even very famous and well-paid ones, try to conceal information about their place of birth, and especially about their parents, siblings, or children, to protect their loved ones from opinions of these judgemental people. A lot of actors adopt pseudonyms to make sure no one except their employer knows their real name.


10 The Most Well-Paid Porn Models

Despite the fact that a lot of average people believe porn is bad, it is not. This is a legally made content and also a huge industry Рin fact, this is one of the biggest industries of the world, focused entirely on people’s sexual entertainment. There are legal studios and legal employees, so consider porn a negative phenomenon is pretty weird.

Since this is one of the biggest industries on a global scale, famous performers are very well-paid. This is also the reason why so many young people would want to try themselves out in porn. However, it must be noted that this is a hard worker that has nothing similar to having relaxing intercourse for pleasure with a person you like.


Everything You Need To Know About Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is not only a beautiful girl, she is also a well-known and popular adult performer. By birth she is Lebanese, but she and her family moved to the US in 2001. In 2014 and 2015, Mia worked as an adult performer, but lately, she announced about her retirement from the industry. In addition to being a porn model, the girl is also a social media person, webcam mode, and sports commentator.

Mia is very much like Sasha Grey – she has talents and interests in different spheres, and participation in the porn industry was nothing more but a jump to more fame and more well-paid career. Mia was raised in a Catholic family and attended school in the US, in Maryland. However, her strict family did not prevent her from becoming who she wanted to be – a social media person and celebrity.


Five Hottest Porn Actresses

While everyone has a taste of their own considering all types of entertainment and especially considering porn movies, there are certain trends or performers who are more or less popular with the majority of users.

The popularity of performers is rated, currently, mostly based on the number of online requests with their name. The more often the users search for a certain actress in Google or on special porn websites, the more popular she is considered to be. As a result, she is more famous and well-paid, because studios want to collaborate with her and hire her.