Elsa Jean – Biography

The majority of porn stars usually do not share facts about their childhood, family, and generally about their life if this is not about their work in the adult industry. This trend is understandable. While there is nothing wrong in being an adult performer since making and watching porn is not forbidden in the majority of civilized countries, some people are really very judgemental about these types of profession.

As a result, the performers, even very famous and well-paid ones, try to conceal information about their place of birth, and especially about their parents, siblings, or children, to protect their loved ones from opinions of these judgemental people. A lot of actors adopt pseudonyms to make sure no one except their employer knows their real name.

Elsa Jean, a young but already famous and promising porn star, is not an exception. The fans know very little of her if anything at all. Let’s try to collect a bit more information about her biography before entering the adult entertainment industry.


Elsa Jean was born in the United States on September 1, 1996. Her full given name is Elsa Dream Jean – ironically, she indeed became a dream girl for many men around the globe. Her place of birth is North Canton, state of Ohio. There she spent childhood and attended Hoover High School. She failed to continue the education further and eventually started to work at the grocery store. After that, her next employment was Starbucks. However, the girl soon discovered that she won’t make much with these jobs.

While still 18 years old, Elsa started to work in the adult industry as a stripper and for that, she moved to Washington, DC. While being a stripper she started receiving suggestions for working in the porn industry, and eventually, she became a well-known adult performer.

The campaigns featuring Elsa included, among others: 3rd Degree, Evil Angel, Digital Sin, etc. She started a porn career in hardcore sex videos immediately, perhaps to reach the effect she wanted – fame and money – faster. Elsa also collaborated with such platforms like Zefporn, Ero Curves, and New Sensations. For her age, she is a very experienced employee and has a long list of respectable collaborations in her CV.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about her family, her parents or siblings. It seems that she does not communicate with anybody from the past, or maybe this young girl is too good in hiding her loved ones from the curious press and fans. Elsa is not married and has no children.

This petite blonde is loved by many porn fans around the world due to her appearance, tattoos, and also her temper she demonstrates in the sex movies. If you would like to know more about Elsa Jean, better search her videos on popular websites. Check out the ratings and comments by the users, and perhaps you will find your next favorite. Make Elsa Dream Jean your next porn dream!

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